A Serious Wine with Altitude!

You may recall that back in October of last year we announced that we have teamed up with the super high altitude Zuccardi winery in Mendoza, Argentina, with the intention of bringing you wines which reflect this particular regions unique terroir. Today, we discover their Pinot Grigio!

In the previous case we included a Malbec which really showcased the benefits of the cool vineyard temperatures and long grape ripening period. This helps balnace the acidity and fruit flavours wintin the wine. In this June's Wine Club case we look at how the same conditions have an effect upon a white wine.  

We are really axcited by this wine, there is Pinot Grigio, and this is Pinot Grigio.  yes it does vary in quaility greatly, but this wines from the higher regions gives this Pinot Grigio extra character with is aromatic character packed with ripe fruit aromas such as pears, apple, melon and some tropical notes with fruit like pineapples and banana. An excellent choice to match with Asian food, chicken or salads.

This is really a wine with altitude!. It is fuller and riper than its Europen counterparts and one that we hope proves to be popular with our Wine Club members.

Published at: 02-07-2019
Tags: June Wine Club 2019