Carignan, Wines to Watch Out For

01 Jun 2020


Traditionally used as a blending variety in the South of France and parts of the Rhone Valley, the role of this hardy variety was to add body and a hint of spice to the more nuanced characteristics of Merlot, Grenache and Syrah. Its thick skins and durability in various weather conditions make it a reliable and cost effective option for bulking up wines with more commercial appeal and sadly little more attention appears to have been given to it.

Thanks to inquisitive winemakers and a trend for exploring indigenous and previously overlooked grape varieties, the full potential of this wonderful grape appears to be geting the attention that it deserves. This stunning expression from Alchemy wines encapsulates this perfectly.  

This concentrated and sophisticated wine shows ample ripe dark fruit which is backed up by hints of dark chocolate, soft spice and smoke on the intense but not overpowering finish.

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