Radburnd Chardonnay

15 Jun 2022

Sometime working in the trade you can become bogged down in the commercial aspect of wine when tasting. Is this wine going to be popular enough? Is there a market for it? Is it the right price point? Then you try a wine that blows you away, and none of these questions apply to it, and the Radburnd Chardonnay was this wine for me.

It is not a cheap wine, over my usual budget, but it was my birthday soon and I wanted to treat myself, and maybe even change my partner’s opinion on Chardonnay in the process. I have always been a huge fan of well made, balanced Chardonnay, but she has been reluctant to embrace the beauty of this grape. Too many painful memories of over oaked and mass produced wines that have left a bad taste in the mouth (literally and figuratively!) but it was my birthday and this wine had been in my sights since I had tried the Radburnd Merlot Cabernet at Christmas. So we sat down to a dinner of roasted chicken, new potatoes and steamed veg and cracked the bottle open.

The first thing to spring out of the glass were rich aromas of buttered popcorn followed by fresh grapefruit and pineapple, hinting at what was to follow. The palate was luxurious and had the most unctuous mouth feel, packed full of fresh and grilled pineapple flavours, with a tang of lemon curd and a touch of salinity lifting the finish and leaving you wanting more. It was so good, my partner quickly declared it as her favourite white wine ever, and in her top three overall, quite the compliment! Needless to say it has changed her mind about Chardonnay and what it can offer, my only issue is finding wines that can compare to this one, it is not going to be easy, the Radburnd is truly a fantastic wine from a truly icinic wine maker.


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Radburnd Cellars Chardonnay, Hawke's Bay, 2018

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