A Malbec With Altitude

Great Quality at a Great price

A consistent quality in all of Patricio's wines is that they offer a fantastic price to quality ratio. His wines across our range are amongst the most popular at their respective price points and upon tasting them it is easy to see why. One of the great attractions to the Malbec grape is that it produces wines that are rich and full bodied but none-the-less very easy to drink. Gouguenheim has captured precisely this balance between powerful intensity and drinkability by emphasising the rich dark fruit character of the grape whilst incorporating a hint of violet florality for a lighter finish.

The Influence of Altitude

The slight hint of florality which is present in this wine is largely down to the vineyard rather than the winery. Particio's vines are planted in El Valle Escondido which lie at around 1000 meters above sea level. This extreme elevation comes with cool temperatures and necessitates a longer ripening period for the grapes. This extra time spent on the vine allows more flavour enzymes to develop and mature thus creating the complex aromas that we find in Gouguenheim's wines.

Published at: 01-08-2019