A Sensory Experince in Southern France

A portrait of the Region

If you were to visit the vineyards of Domaine la Grange two things would strike you instantly. The first is that the surrounding area is something of an attack on the olfactory senses. The entire region is covered in scrubland which consists largely of wild rosemary and thyme. Theses herbaceous aromas fill the air and are clearly present in the wines produced here, giving the drinker a true sense of the wines place of birth.

The second thing that you will notice is that the estate doubles up as a working sheep farm. The sheep periodically roam the vineyards and  actualy contribute to the wines by fertilising the land and keeping down the weeds. 

Domaine la Grange specialise in blending different grape varieties in order to create highly drinkable wines of balance and finesse.

Prat Bibal

This complex red comes from the unique terroir of the highly regarded Prat Biba sub-region. The harmonious interplay of spicy  herbs and rich dark fruits is instantly apparent on both the nose and palate and evolve further onto the considerable finish. The robust blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre combine to create a concentrated and dense wine with a lot of spice and freshness which showcases so much of what is great about this superb region.

Tradition Grande Cuvée Blanc

This cuvée of Chardonnay and Sauvignon is round and elegant with the Sauvignon providing an animating acidity which perfectly balances the opulence of the Chardonnay. The nose is lush with aromas of ripe apricot, sweet apple, honey and tender roasted
notes of hazelnut and vanilla. The smooth and creamy palate offers a full body with mineral freshness and the finish is long and reflects the 4 months that the wine has spent in oak.

Published at: 01-08-2019