Memories of Summer

08 Feb 2022

My father moved to Frankfurt when I was young, and one of my abiding memories of my visits to him in the summer holidays is walking the hills of the Mosel valley to the West of the city. This was before I was legal drinking age, let alone developing my love of wine, but I was always struck by the vineyards covering the hills, and the occasional person we would see tending the vines. The gradient looked so steep, I wondered how anyone could work in them without falling over, and surely it wasn’t worth the effort? It wasn’t until I was older and we started visiting some of these wineries that I understood. The steep gradient allowed the grapes to soak up all the sun, and yes, it was well worth the effort, these wines were unlike anything I had tasted in my fledgling wine career!

This is a wine that takes me back to those visits. The Prüm family have been making wine in the Mosel since 1156, with S A Prüm establishing the current site of the winery in the late 18th Century. Today, Raimond Prüm, the great great grandson of the Winery's founder, runs the winery with his daughter Saskia who has overseen the modernisation of the estate since 1971, becoming one of the Mosel’s, if not the whole of Germany’s, most revered and respected wine Estates. In the Sonnenuhr of Wehlen the Prüms own a portion of one of the Mittel Mosel’s top vineyards. Its steep south-facing dark slate slopes and grey slate soil tend to result in deeply flavoured and mineral, yet rich and smoky wines.

Versatile and adaptable, a good dry Riesling such as this is the perfect foodie wine. It has all of the body and intensity of flavour required to match with pretty much any cuisine as well as a unique texture which further enhances the experience.