Sensational Stellenbosch

01 Aug 2020

The vineyards of The Cape enjoy a unique local climate. The Indian Ocean lies 15 kilometres to the South with the Atlantic Ocean lying 24 kilometres to the West, enabling Jordan Wine Estate to specialise in classic varieties well-suited to the various micro-climates. This enables Gary and Kathy to choose the perfect polts on which to grow certain grape varieties according to which conditions best suit that particular vine.

Chameleon Merlot

This is an interesting Merlot because the winemakers wanted to create a wine with a subtle oaky character whilstn also retaining every last drop of fruit purity from the grapes. Usually when attempting to impart an oaky character to a wine the winemaker will opt to age the wine for a period of time in oak barrells but this also has the effect of oxidising the wine and thus reducing its fruity character. Therefore they have opted to age this wine in stainless steel vats for 10 months along with uniquely smoked oak staves to create the perfect balance between fresh fruit and oak.

The Inspector Chenin Blanc

This wine was named in memory of the Inspector General of Vineyards by the Government of the Cape who lead the fight against phylloxera and was a pioneer of entomology in South Africa. The vineyard contains the oldest block on the estate and carries the lower-yielding Montpellier clone of Chenin Blanc. The smaller berries that this vine produces allow for great fruit concentration and generous flavours of white pear, quince and green pineapple.

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