The Essence of Sicily— Nero d’Avola

19 Jul 2021

When it comes to prolific winemakers, then look no further than Stefano Chioccioli. He began his oenological journey in 1984, right after his graduation from the University of Florence, when he embarked upon a 7-year stint at the Ruffino winery. He describes these years as being “formidable”, as it was in this time that he was able to unravel the complexities surrounding winemaking and viticulture.

During his 30 years as a consultant for some of the biggest houses in Italy, Stafano gained a reputation as the go-to man in the country when it comes to finding the vines that best reflect the terroir of their respective regions.

Nero d'Avola is the most important and widely planted red wine grape variety in Sicily. It pairs perfectly with the Italian cuisine, especially tomato-based pasta dishes, red meat and Italian cheeses. Full of ripe red berry aromas and flavours with beautiful soft tannins and great length, this Sicilian classic expresses the fresh, vibrant and rugged character so typical of this region.



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Rupe Secca Nero d'Avola, Sicily, 2022

Softly spiced plum

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