The Original 'Flying Wine Maker'

01 Jun 2020

One such winemaker is Peter Bright. A  dynamic and enterprising Australian whose philosophy is to experiment but not to mix styles. He has managed wineries all over the world but has lived in Portugal since the 1980's where he produces wines untder the Terra D'Alter label. 

The Terra d’Alter vineyards are structured according to the new world approach, designed with the assistance of the University of Fresno, California. The vines are planted using modern training and irrigation techniques, facilitating treatment and ensuring quality. They cover extensive plains and gentle hills, always providing intense exposure to sunlight which assists the grapes’ development, maturation and quality.

The Alicante Bouschet grape variety is indigenous to Portugal and the expression in your Wine Club case undergoes 14 months maturation in barrel which brings out the richness of the variety. The wine itself is intense with pronounced plum and prune notes, great acidity and structure. The tanins are silky and rich and lead to a very long  finish with notes of chocolate and vanilla.