Wines for Christmas Day

01 Jan 1970

Luckily for me, my family and friends trust my recommendations when it comes to wine for Christmas (and so they should!) and they are very open minded about trying something for the first time. But I am one of the fortunate ones, the most often asked question of us in the lead up to Christmas is how to choose wine to keep everyone happy?

The obvious answer is to buy the wine people like, if Aunt Mary only drinks Sauvignon Blanc, get a good New Zealand example. Uncle Roger only likes full bodied reds? Australian Shiraz it is. The problem is you can soon have a shopping list of wine as long as your arm, and you might end up spending more than you planned and the wine doesn’t get drunk anyway. My advice would to be brave and choose wines that you, and hopefully everyone else will enjoy, and that match what you are eating. If you want to get to get the festivities started with some bubbles, but Champagne seems too expensive, and Prosecco not special enough, try one of the wonderful Cremants in our range. The luxurious feel of Champagne, but at less than half the price. My personal favourite is the Cremant d’Alsace

If you are having turkey for dinner, you want a wine that will let the meat shine, but also stand up to the robust flavours of the veg and gravy. Anything too full bodied and the Turkey will be overshadowed, anything too light and it will be lost amongst the gravy. I would suggest a new world Pinot Noir for the red wine drinkers, especially the Domain Road Pinot Noir from New Zealand, the perfect balance of fruit and body to compliment the food

For white wine drinkers, I can’t look beyond a good, dry German Riesling. Fresh enough to allow the turkey to be the star, but with enough body to stand up to the sprouts and all the trimmings.

Then onto dessert. The traditional Christmas day pudding and trifle seem to be going out of fashion, which is a shame in my book. I personally love the deep dried fruit of a Christmas pudding, and the layers of sweetness in a well-made trifle bring back memories of Christmas day at my grandma’s. So if you are having the traditional, for the Pudding I can look no further than The Tokaji, honeyed and rich, perfect for the fruit filled Pudding, and will also go well with any blue cheese you happen to have lying around!

and with the trifle, I am a bit of a traditionalist and love a rich sweet sherry like a Pedro Ximenez

which makes a great after dinner drink too. Whatever you having on the day, the team is here to answer all your questions and give advice. Just give us a call or pop into the shop and we will be happy to help.