A full bodied white variety with a nutty/floral profile. Under its synonym Roussette relating to its pale red hue, it's famed for producing fine wines from Savoie, eastern France. The best examples originate from Roussette de Savoie & Roussette de Bugey. 

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Altesse is a late ripening variety, well suited to the mountainous areas of Savoie and Switzerland. As well as still wine, it's also used in Cremant du Savoie where the almond/bergamot charcteristics add extra depth. 


Key Countries and Regions

Mainly cultivated in France (Savoie) and Switzerland. As still wine in appellations; Rousette du Bugey and Rousette de Savoie. Sparking wine 

Climate Suitability

It's late ripening nature and hardiness make it well suited to the mountainous French/Swiss/Italian borders. 

Colour and Flavours

White grape with red tinge just before harvest. Full bodied, nutty (almond/hazelnut) and aromatic. 



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