Bacchus is the Roman wine god, known by the Greeks as Dionysus. Also a white grape variety produced from a crossing of Riesling X Silvaner and Muller-Thurgau by the German Vine Breeding institute in early 1930's. On reaching full maturity it can produce a punchy currant flavour however its lack of acidity makes it difficult to blend with other varieties. 

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Regional Variance 

Attractive to some growers where the climate is too fickle for Riesling makes it a suitable variety in marginal climates. Historically grown as a bulk variety in Germany's Rhinehessen area and the Mosel-Saar-Rewer & Nahe valleys. 

One of the top five varieties grown in England where it can acheive a higher acidity and more flavour than in other European countries. 

Key Regions

Germany and England 

Climate Suitability

Early ripening and hardy. Not very fussy about site location. 

Colour and Flavours

White, dried stone fruit potential





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