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One of the most popular and widely-planted grapes of Italy, it is thought the ancient Germanic tribe the Lombards introduced the Barbera vine into Piemonte in the 7th century. However it is disputed whether a product of import or cross-breeding.The wines that this grape produces are usually best drunk when they are young, the variety gaining a wider audience after having found popularity in the New World (Argentina).

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    • Origin
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    Aromas of wild berry are well supported by a rich and full palate that has plenty of spicy character. The finish is deep, bringing hints of leather to... Read More
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Key Countries Regions

Italy (Piedmont), USA (California) and Argentina. 

Colour and Flavours

Barbera wines are ruby red, full-bodied and well-balanced, with low levels of tannin and high acidity. The flavours are usually sweet and fruity, such as red berries, and sometimes a little spicy - a vivid and intense taste with a broadly vinous aroma.

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