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Originating in Italy this variety has three different strains, never a straight cut answer when Italy and wine come together! Successfully and widely grown in Argentina, second only to Malbec. Soft tannin and generally lower alcohol than most red grapes, its suited to be drunk young.

Three strains of Bonarda include: I) Bonarda of Oltrepo Pavese - not Bonarda grape in any way but Croatina. II) Bonarda Novarese used to mellow Spanna DOC reds grown in Novara & Vercelli hills. Again, not Bonarda grape by Uva Rara. III) Bonarda Piemontese, vertually wiped out by Phylloxera the variety has been sidlined due to its small bunches and low vigour. Capable of producing aromatic wines, Oltrepo Pavese is the only DOC to bear its name. However this, as mentioned above, is actually Croatina grape! 

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    • Origin
    • Argentina
    • Mendoza
    A full bodied, fruit driven wine with a strong backbone of blackberry and cassis, mouth covering tannins and a long finish. Best when paired with rich... Read More
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