This grape, which produces Switzerland's best white wine, is said to have come from the commune in the Mâconnais region of Chasselas, and was once widely planted in Europe.

Though planted throughout the world, the vine has lost favour in most regions; however, it can still be found in the Swiss vineyards surrounding Lake Geneva. Mainly considered of table wine quality, this grape makes light and delicate wines that are almost spritzy and often best drunk young.

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Key Countries and Regions

Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Israel and Chile.

Colour and Flavours

Produces lightly sparkling and crisp wines that have a rich fruitiness along with floral and lime hints. In the better wines, this grape imparts impressive aromas, not dissimilar to those of a top Condrieu.


Fendant (Valais name in Switzerland); Dorin (traditionally known as such in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland); Chasselas de Genève (the name now commonly used in the Swiss canton of Geneva, where traditionally it was called Perlan); Marzemina Bianca (southern Italy) and Moster (sometimes in Austria).

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