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Furmint is the main grape variety in Tokaji, a world-famous dessert wine grown in Hungary.

The vine tends to bud quite early and ripen late, and so is susceptible to noble rot. Affected by the botrytis fungus during ripening, the grapes are then dried and shrivel into more raisin-like berries. The ensuing rot renders the product extremely sweet in concentration and much sought after.

Furmint is able to produce a variety of wine styles, ranging from young dry wines through to intensely sweet dessert wines which have the ability to age for generations.

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    • Origin
    • Hungary
    Deep amber in colour with rich aromas of sun-dried fruit, particularly apricot . On the palate this is supported by coffee and honey with a long expre... Read More
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Key Regions

Hungary (Tokaji).


This variety, as well as typically being very saccharine, is also playfully acidic and has high alcohol levels (due to the noble rot making it more concentrated).

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