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Historically, the Muscat vine has been cultivated globally as a table grape and for raisins. There are many grapes that use the name Muscat; both red and white Muscat grapes exist, producing wines from dry whites to sweet reds.

To understand more on each type of Muscat grape please follow links to the different sub-varieities.

It should be noted that Muscadet (from the Loire) is produced from Melon de Bourgogne, and Muscadelle is also unrelated.

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    • Origin
    • Australia
    • Victoria
    • Rutherglen
    A nose of ripe green grapes and honeysuckle develops in the mouth with raisin, ginger and honey flavours. Well balanced and fresh, the lighter style a... Read More
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Black Muscat

Muscat of Alexandria

Orange Muscat

Muscat Blanc. [insert URLs]

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