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Once widely planted in Central Europe, Silvaner is now losing ground to Riesling; in Germany and Alsace, it comprises only around 15% of vines planted.

The grape was a main contributor to Liebfraumilch, tarnishing its reputation as it was often over-produced and hence quality was compromised to great detriment.

In Alsace, lower yields mean a small revival. The new wines being made have a refreshing sweetness, accompanied by good acidity and a real depth of fruit flavour.

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    A stunning wine, an unusual style for the area. Almost herbaceous on the nose with mown-hay character. Fairly dry with a minerally palate balancing th... Read More
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Key Regions

 France (Alsace), Germany (Rheinhessen, Franconia) and the Czech Republic.

Colour and Flavours

Pale gold in colour, there are dominant aromas of white flower and a touch of honey with a hint of lemon. Lively on the palate, wines are often very pure with honeyed notes.


Sylvaner, Grüner Silvaner, Franken Riesling (Germany, and sometimes in California), Johannisberg (Switzerland), Rhin and Gros Rhin (Switzerland) and Österreicher.

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