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In truth, Trebbiano is a rather dull grape variety. It is used in many parts of the world for large-scale wine production to make unnoticeable light wines with a dry palate.

In Italy, it is by far the most widely planted vine. The Trebbiano grape produces light and crisp table wines, delightful with seafood, and is also used for dessert wines such as Vinsanto.

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By the end of the last century, Trebbiano was the most widely planted grape variety in France, outnumbering even Chardonnay, and with its ability to yield highly it was ideal for distillation and brandy production in the Cognac and Armagnac regions.

Yet brandy demand has dwindled with French plantings, with Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc taking vineyards over.

Key Regions

France (Cognac and Armangac) and Italy (Lugana and Abruzzo).


You may wish to take a breath before reading the following list.

Albano; Beau; Biancone; Blanc Auba; Blanc De Cadillac; Blancoun; Bobiano; Bonebeou; Bouan; Branquinha; Brocanico; Bubbiano; Buriano; Buzzetto; Cadillac; Cadillate; Castelli; Castelli Romani; Castillone; Chator; Clairette d'Afrique; Clairette De Venice; Clairette Ronde; Engana Rapazes; Espadeiro Branco; Falanchina; Greco; Gredelin; Hermitage White; Juni Blan; Lugana; Malvasia Fina; Muscadet Aigre; Padeiro Branco; Perugino; Procanico; Procanico del Isola  d'Elba; Procanico Portoferraio; Queue de Renard; Romani; Rossan de Nice; Rossetto; Rossola (in Corsica); Rossula; Roussan; Roussea; Rusciola; Saint Emilion; Saint Emilion des Charentes; Santoro; Shiraz White; Spoletino; Talia; Thalia; Trebbianello; Trebbiano; Trebbiano d'Abruzzo; Trebbiano Dell Fiamma; Trebbiano di Cesene; Trebbiano di Empoli; Trebbiano di Lucca; Trebbiano di Soave; Trebbiano di Tortona; Trebbiano Fiorentino; Trebbiano Gallo; Trebbiano Romagnolo; Trebbiano Toscano; Trebbianone; Tribbiano; Tribbiano Forte; Turbiano and Ugni Blanc.

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