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Famed for it's brandy, Cognac falls within the Charantais which is one of France's largest wine regions. Yet again the Romans introduced viticulture to the region but it was during the Middle Ages that it began to develop. Ruled then by the English, it was they who had a slaking thirst for the wines from the region and its handy geographic location made export to England fairly easy. 

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    • Origin
    • France
    • Charentes
    This sweet, brandy based aperitif is best served chilled but will also accompany a range of desserts and cheeses. Read More
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Key Vines

Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche & Colombard

Climate and Conditions

The region's chalk based soils are what makes this region. Centring around the town of Cognac the region has six sub regions, the most sought after grapes sourced from Cognac Grande Champagne closest to Cognac itself. 

The climate is maritime, cooling breezes in the summer and damp winters. Aspect is important to make the most of warming sunlight. 

The Wines of Today

 Crisp, refreshing and light whites are dominant. 

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