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Stretching along the River Main, a major tributary of the Rhine, the Franken region is a part of Bavaria and the wine can be just as good as the beer.  The locals certainly appreciate it, meaning that relatively little is exported and the prices realistically reflect the quality on offer. 

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Styles of Wine

Silvaner is the most celebrated grape variety and the best is often sold in a Bocksbeutel, a squat and rounded bottle of green or amber glass peculiar to the region.The region is famous for Silvaner, which tends to be dry and the best examples are said to taste of the earth that produced the grapes.  Red wine can be very good and is becoming more common, and sweet white wines of supreme quality are sometimes crafted.

Key Vines

Müller-Thurgau may account for over a third of the land under vine, but Riesling and Silvaner produce the quality wine.  The latter has long been highly regarded in the region and in recent times has recaptured its former excellence.Red wines are the minority but quality is improving. Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) has been the most successful.

Climate and Conditions

Once considered far too harsh for the production of quality wines, with frosts that could wreak havoc on the vineyards, a policy of clinging to the warming River Main was adopted. Coupled with the emergence of a generally milder climate in recent years, has ensured that winemaking in the Franken is a great success.  Vintages can still vary considerably owing to the weather, but modern techniques ensure disaster is avoided.



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