The wine region of Emilia-Romagna stretches across Central Northern Italy from the eastern Adriatic coastal area of Romagna to the inland region of Emilia in the West. The region is mostly known for its simple but food friendly table wines which have grown and evolved over the centuries alongside the areas famous cuisine.

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The most famous wine to come from the Western half of Emilia-Rom Lambrusco which usually comes in the form of a lightly sparkling red. The local inhabitants of the area are firm believers in the digestive qualities of the sparkling wines of the region and it is common to be served this local speciality as a partener to the rich local cuisine.


Romagna's best wines come in the form of Trebbiano di Romagna and Sangiavese di Romagna. The former is a zippy white which when made well shows great balance, refreshing acidity, and a hint of florality. The latter is a medium to full bodied dry red which shows fresh cherry flavours and responds well to oak aging. Whilst the Sangiovese of Romagna is not as highly regarded as those of Tuscany in recent years certain sites have shown real potential and started to produce some top quality wines.

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