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Lombardy is a vast region in Northern Central Italy in which wine production only takes place at its extremities. There are three main viticultural areas which produce completely different styles of wine using different grape varieties so it is impossible to pinpoint a single style which encompasses Lombardy wine making. Whilst a large amount of wine is produced in the region it is largely consumed by the denizens of Milan and its environs which explains why little of what is produced finds its way to the U.K.

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    • Origin
    • Italy
    • Lombardy
    A lively, fresh and seductive Italian sparkling brut rose. Great depth of flavour, with soft strawberry fruit character and a pearly finish. Read More
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Key Areas


A white wine made from the Trebbiano grape variety. This is a rich, dry style which when at its best shows remarkable balance and depth.


Found in the province of Brescia this relatively new vineyard area produces high quality red, white, and Champagne style sparkling wines.

Other Wines

Dozens of different grape varieties are cultivated from wine production in Lombardy with the classic Italian white grape Pinot Grigio making up a hefty percentage. Other international varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon are also prominent alongside domestic favourites Barbera and Dolcetto.    

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