Thrust far into Lombardy's northern reaches in the Rhaetian Alps and within an arms reach of Switzerland, the wines of this valley can fetch prices as steep as the mountains. Running east/west above the Adda river, this valley only produces red wines in two styles. 

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Chiavennasca/Nebbiolo grapes have been harvested here for about 2000 years. The two styles include the lighter Rosso di Valtellina and the Szorzato di Valtellina, the latter being similar to Amerone in style. The wine uses grapes are dried or passito for about 4 months. The most prestigious wines are labelled Valtellina Superiore, which was granted DOCG status in 1998.

The vineyards sit between 230-770m above sea level on gravelly, well drained soils with granite bedrock. Aspect of vineyard location is a sink/swim situation here, those facing west on southern slopes are the ones most sought after. The gravelly soil helps retain heat, prevent spring frost and reduce disease. The cooling breezes prevent fungal infection and the warmer air off Lake Como bring in warm air. 

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