Asti refers to a town, province and a wine, all found in Piedmonte. Importantly when 'Asti' is seen on a bottle it refers the former 'Asti Spumante', a light, floral & subtly sweet sparkling wine. This name change relates to the region becomming a DOCG, previously a DOC. 

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The change from DOC to DOCG in 1993 was brought about, partly, to differenciate between the numerous sparkling wine styles from across the country including Frizzante. 

Vines & Styles 

Moscato Bianco/Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains is a white grape and is responsible for the two styles of wine produced. The DOCGs best grapes go into the former of the two styles. Moscato d'Asti is produced in the provinces of Asti, Cuneo & Alessandria and is a light, delicate, floral and semi-sweet sparkling wine. It's maximum alcohol content is 6.5% and is bottled at about 1.7 atmospheres. Asti (formerly Asti Spumante) is light, fresh, floral, semi sweet and fully sparkling bottled at a higher ABV of 6-11.5% and pressure between 3.5-4 atmospheres. 

Climate & Conditions 

Climatic conditions are continental, warm/hot, dry summers and cold winters. Vineyards sited closer to the Tanaro river and its tributaries have the benefits of it's influence; tempering the summer heat in summer and providing milder winter conditions.Humidity can pose a risk to grapes with increased mildew risk. Soils vary throughout the region but are mainly clay/limestone marls with some heavier, clay dominated soils. 

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