Valdepenas is enveloped within the Catilla la Mancha region and takes its name from a city of the same name. Prior to phylloxera it used to supply of wine to Valencia and Madrid. During this period it was famed for light red wines and rosado, known as Clarete or Aloque. Clarete is still made but is a blend of musts and not the finished wines of the past. The southern reaches of the region meet the Sierra Morena range, sheltering the region from any winds from the south. The Jabalon river winds itself through this semi arid, rocky terrain providing much needed water to vegetation. 

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Vines & Styles 

Cencibal/Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Syrah/Shiraz are the red vine planted here with Cencibal being the dominant by far. These examples tend to be oaky and well developed with concentrated fruit flavours. Airen, Chardonnay and Macebeo are the typical white cultivars. 

Climate & Conditions 

The strong continental climate punishes any vines which are not suited to this semi arid landscape. The limestone bedrock retains water, giving a slim lifeline for well established vineyards. High sunlight hour exposure adds to the inhospitable environment. Altitude can help abate the heat with those above 700m above sea level faring better than those lower down the slopes. 

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