Located on Spain's Mediterranean eastern seaboard and despite having produced wine for about 1000 years, it's gained an unfavourable reputation for export bulk wine. This is slowly beginning to change with more emphasis on quality being taken and there are some well made to be found. Moscatel de Valencia sweet wine is gaining a good reputation and rich/fruity reds are also becoming more quality orientated. 

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Valencia DO was established in 1957 and is divided into four sub zones; Clarino, Alto Turia, Moscatel and Valentino. 

Vines & Styles 

Monstratrell, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are widely grown here and they tend to be rich and fruit driven in style. Whites are made from Macebeo, Merseguera, Chardonnay and some Semillion. The white wine is not made to one particular style. Moscatel de Alejandra (Muscat of Alexandria) is the grape used for the velvety sweet wine from the region. 

Climate & Conditions 

Closer to the coast, the climate is maritime. This moderates the summer heat and leads to more mild winter temperatures. Wind and humidity have to be watched as these can lead to vine damage and reduced quality through mildews and moulds encouraged by humidity. Further inland, the climate is continental, hot summers and cold winters. Closer to the coast alluvial soils dominate, in the hills and inland more limestone based. 

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