Malaga DO lies within Andalucia, on Spain's sunbaked southern coast. The Greeks brought vines to the area in about 600BC but it was only in the 17th Century when it became a more recognised wine region. It's success was especially noted in North America and Great Britain; however in the early 19th Century a devastating powdery mildew outbreak and later the Phylloxera infestation arrived. After both of these production never recovered. 

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The Malaga DO was established in 1933 and is split into five sub regions, including; Manilva, Montes de Malaga, Axarquia, Norte and Serrania de Ronda. 

Vines & Styles 

White grapes dominate, with Muscato de Alejandria, Muscato and Pedro Ximinez the most planted. These grapes are often used to make sweet, fortified wines with a well established reputation for toffee like characteristics. Un fortified wines are permitted but are not very common.  

Climate & Conditions 

The climate is Maritime with Mediterranean influence. Further inland it become more continental, with more extreme temerature variation between summer and winter. Sand/clay soils over limestone dominate with chalk dominating the west of the DO. 

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