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Toscana (Super Tuscan)

The Super Tuscans are a group rather than a geographical location or a legal classification.  It was, indeed, dissatisfaction with the latter that led to their rebellious emergence in the 1980s.

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So frustrated were they by the legislation originally drawn up in the sixties, and inadequate from the start, that they chose to waive their right to what they saw as the straightjacket of DOC status. They broke the rules, being relegated to IGT or lowly Vino da Tavola standing, but many achieved excellence in the process and the name of 'Super Tuscans' soon followed.

Vines and Styles

Their principal crime was the adoption of foreign grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to complement the local hero Sangiovese.  When the dust settled, and the results were undeniably excellent, the DOC laws were relaxed to include these once-reviled invaders.  Through sheer bloody-mindedness, or a desire to hold onto their marketable 'Super Tuscan' status, many producers who now qualify for DOC status continue to shun it. There is no inclusive style as such, but Bordeaux is a major influence and prices are usually high (and justifiably so).

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