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Cellar News is our free online newsletter exclusive to weaverswines.com. Written by the team we will send you an email once a month or so based on what is new, forth comming events and exclusive tastings in our cellars here in  Nottingham.  We are very concious that these days we receve too many emails so we promise we will not send too many. 

Here are a couple of questions we are asked.

How many Emails do you Send?

We are concious on how enthuastic some companies are in their emailing so much so we think it can become a nusence.  We will send only one email a month and members of our Wine Club may receice one extra email but this is to do with the case that they are about to receive.

Will My Details Remain Private?

We take all reasonable steps not to disclose your details to a third party and we will not send you unwanted emails. You will have the opportunity to remove your email address at any time. Please take the time to read our privacy statement.

How do I Join?

To join Cellar News is simple, just click here and register your details. If you wish to let us know your preferences we are able to personalise Weaverswines.com to you.

Alternativley please pop your email address in here to quickly register.