Marketing, Suppliers and B2B Business Services - Supplier Tips

Please take a moment to read this so that we can help you help us

If you are about to pick up the phone or drop us an email and ask us to stock a product, sell telephone or eletrcity contacts or otherwise try to chat to us about a new B2B service please read this first.

Please do not cold call us

In the first instance you'll probably be ringing on the shop sales line, that means that while you're calling a customer of ours is waiting in the queue. Once our kind sales team puts you through to someone in our marketing team you'll then be interrupting someone in the middle of doing some valuable work. 

The likelihood that you've called us at the exact moment we were looking to use a solution like yours is completely non existent; we have a business plan which we do not deviate from.

You're probably not the first cold call today, you're probably be one of many!  Please don't be too offended if we seem a little put out, we just really, really would rather focus on the work inhand and on our customers.

What you should do instead

Please drop us a message using our contact form whereupon, we'll take a look but please do not be offended if we don't reply.  If we are interested, we will file your information away so we know where to find it when we're looking for a service or product like yours.  At that point we will be in touch.

Please do not call to see if we got the email, this is just a waste of time. 

If you really want to score brownie points do a little research before you pitch to us; know what we're about (watch a Youtube video, look round the website)

Be a human being; we're very fond of human beings. Don't be a relentless selling machine, you'll be surprised how much more approachable we are when we don't feel like we have to be defensive to protect our time.

Be patient, we will be in touch when we are ready.  We believe that this is the best use of ours and your time. 

Thanks for reading.