The Weavers Wine Club

The Weavers Wine Club
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The Weavers Wine Club
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The Weavers Wine Club

Hello, my name is Philip Trease, one of the directors at Weavers.

With the help of Chris and Mary I am responsible for running our successful Wine Club. My aim to is to encourage people to simply enjoy good wines and perhaps look to try wines that are off the beaten track.

My philosophy for our Wine Club is simple.  I simply choose wines that offer great value for money and wines that I would choose to drink at home myself. And in order not to put myself on the spot, my wife is a member so I get first hand comments from her about the wines that are chosen!

The Selection, How the Case Works

Glass of red wine

Wine Club Members Exclusive Page.  Please use you pin number in the members booklet for access.

Each case is a 12 bottle selection, in which you will usually receive two bottles of each of six different wines. This gives you an opportunity to re-taste a wine or have a spare in case you have taken a bottle to a dinner party.

Colour Coded Bottles For Your Ease

Each case is a collection of great value and great tasting wines. Every bottle is colour-coded so you can see if you should pair it with food or drink on its own.

Pushing Your Taste Buds

The objective of the case is to push members’ taste buds.  Each case comes with a comprehensive tasting guide to our selection. As ever we shy away from brands and opt for wines that simply taste great. From time to time we play a game where a mystery wine will turn up, all we ask you to do is be open minded and follow the instructions we include.  After all, when did you last try a proper Lambrusco?

Wine Club Bottles

Each bottle of wine in your case is   colour-coded so you know when and how to serve the wines.

How the Case Works

Free to Join!

Firstly there is no joining fee, you can come and go as you please. We believe in total customer flexibility.

Choose how often you would like the case delivered.

Simply decide how often you would like us to deliver your case.

  • Bi-monthly – The case is delivered at the start of February, April, June, August, October and December.
  • Quarterly – The case is delivered at the start of March, June, September and December.

Choose the Style of Case You Would Like

We select three styles all reds, all whites or a mix of both. If you would like us to to match the case more to what you like or have say slightly more reds than whites then please let me know and we will happily tweak the case for you.

Choose Where You Would Like Your Case of Wine Delivered

Again flexibiliy is the key to our membership, simply let us know where you would like the case delivered and we will do the rest.

How Much Will it Cost

The cost per of the selection is just (£125 per case, wines usually have a retail value about £155).
– Each case comes with a Tasting Booklet giving you wine facts and details on the wines,
– Members also receive exclusive invitations to tastings, bonus gifts (like corkscrews) and offers for glasses and other wine related items.

Join Now its Simple

To join our club is simple,  If you’re new to Weavers simply complete our registration form and select the option to join the Wine Club.  Or, if you are registered on weaverswines.com, logon and update your profile via the ‘My Account’ page.

We will then call you for your billing details, and you can then enjoy good wine from Weavers.