Behind The Bottle: Alto Los Romeros Roussanne Marsanne

Behind The Bottle: Alto Los Romeros Roussanne Marsanne

Welcome to our new feature, "Behind The Bottle." Kicking us off we have a fantastic Chilean wine, Alto Los Romeros Roussanne Marsanne. We have picked this wine because it is the sort of wine that people don't know about but should as it is an absolute corker!

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This wine is made up of two grape varieties, Roussanne and Marsanne, both of which are most commonly associated with the Rhône Valley. Roussanne is an important component in the wines of Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage and Chateauneuf du Pape. Marsanne is much easier to grow and offers a vibrancy that makes it a brilliant partner to Roussanne. It can also be identified within a blend due to its distinct marzipan-like quality.

As for the producer, Alto Los Romeros sits on a site that is tucked away in the Chilean Colchagua Valley and is made by the Edwards family. Here, they have a clear vision which is to make the best wine with the fabulous terroir that is on offer. The coastal influences of the Colchagua Valley match that of the Rhône Valley and that is why they grow many of the same grape varietals such as Roussanne and Carignan. 

The Gran Reserva wines are made using carefully selected grapes from their best vineyards and this particular wine is a brilliant example of what a Roussanne Marsanne blend can and should be. This is because the two varietals marry in a way that offers both body and freshness. On the palate is spicy pear notes and floral elegance with touches of orange zest, perfect for any chicken dish, especially if spiced. 

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