Bellini, Ready to Go!

Bellini, Ready to Go!

Bellini is not an ordinary wine cocktail, it is a premium concept with a history and culture. Bellini is a Venetian cocktail was named after Giovanni Bellini, a Venetian painter, who used a similar pink colour in most of his masterpieces.

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In 988 Canella had the idea to bottle Bellini and today are the only company in Italy who can produce it. Today, Bellini is a trendy and fresh aperitif and a pre-party drink. It’s the ideal cocktail to serve chilled at evening and daytime events. The low alcohol content (5%) makes it perfect for those consumers who want something lighter and the natural nature of the product is a benefit for everyone.

Another way to serve the Bellini for those who prefer a stronger drink is to add some more Prosecco in the glass. The idea is that anyone can enjoy Bellini the way it should be without the help of a professional bar tender.

Bellini by Canella

Bellini is made from a blend of Italian Prosecco and pulp from white peaches grown by Canella. A few drops of wild raspberry juice are added to give the cocktail the famous pink colour. Canella produce their own Prosecco and grow their own white peaches to ensure the cocktail is blended with the very best ingredients. Using white peaches is something quite significant as they are only grown in a few countries and after the harvest season they are difficult to store and maintain freshness.

Overall, Bellini is a natural product with no added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives. Other benefits include its low alcohol content of 5% and only 57kcal per serving.

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