Bodegas de los Ríos Prieto

Bodegas de los Ríos Prieto was established in 2000 in Pesquera de Duero, an area which contains some of the most distinguished bodegas in DO Ribera del Duero because of the top quality grapes it produces. It is situated close to the banks of the Duero River in the province of Valladolid in the autonomous community of Castilla y León. It is family owned and managed with the aim of making classical Ribera del Duero wines. Félix de los Ríos, the founder of the bodega, is a creative man with a great passion for the soil and wine. In the late 1990’s, he founded his own winery using not only the latest technological advances but also the skills acquired over decades. The state of the art winery has the most modern technological equipment - stainless steel tanks, fermentation by thermal control, climatization and an impressive Crianza building, built 6 metres underground in order to achieve the ideal humidity and temperature conditions (14 degrees and 82% humidity all year round). In 2002, when his son, Javier de los Ríos, joined the winery, they decided to commercialise their wines within the DO Ribera del Duero. The winery currently has 65 hectares of its own vineyards aged up to 100 years old. The 100 year old vineyard, “La Pintada”, belonged to Javier’s grandfather. In the municipality of Pesquera de Duero, Ríos Prieto own 25 hectares of Tinta del País on three different plots - "El Llano" 19 hectares, average 18 year old vines on clayey, gravelly soils. "La Nava" 5 hectares, average 11 year old vines on red, clayey soils, and "Carravilla" 1 hectare, average 20 year old vines on gravelly soil structure. In the municipality of Peñafiel, on a plot known as "Los Cuatro Caminos", there are 2.2 hectares of Tinta del País and Cabernet Sauvignon, average 10 year old vines on chalk and gravel soil. They also own 8 hectares of Tinta del País in the municipality of Manzanillo, average 15 year old vines on clayey, gravelly soil. The vineyards undergo weekly tests from early September to evaluate the ripeness of the grapes - acidity, weight, sugars - with the winemaker, Jorge González, making the final decision on when harvesting should begin. This usually commences by hand in early October and the grapes are carefully transported to the winery in 20 kg boxes in order to avoid any must concentration loss. A second rigorous selection is carried out again by hand on a conveyor table at the winery to ensure the highest possible quality. The bunches are de-stemmed and the grapes with their skins undergo fermentation in stainless steel vats. After the malolactic fermentation, the wine is transferred to oak barrels and left to age for the time required for the type of wine to be produced. Ríos Prieto currently produces about 300,000 bottles, which include Young wines 30,000, Roble 150,000, Crianza 100,000, Reserva 15,000 and a Signature wine (Vino de Autor) 5,000. It is the third largest winery in Pesquera de Duero which is only a small village with 500 inhabitants but has 25 wineries. 65% of their production is earmarked for the domestic market, the rest is exported.
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