If the Port won't come to us.....

Christmas and Port are synonymous and we felt that we needed to spruce up our range in time for the festive season. Our disappointment at the quality of the samples that we were being sent led us to the decision that we must go to the source and find some new wines that were up to the standard that our customers have come to

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Alan and Mary decided they were up to the task so they went to the Douro in Northern Portugal in search of Port of the quality we thought necessary. They explored a number of options but were blown away when they met with Pedro of Portal wines as he showed them round his fantastic winery where he makes the LBV and Moscatel I’ve put into this month’s selection. The Port was chosen for its quality and traditional character, it ticks all the boxes for this style of Port with enough deep flavour to prevent the oak aging taking anything away from the fruit content. Unfiltered, it retains all the natural character that the process can take away, but be warned this does mean it will have a deposit so care when pouring, or possibly even decanting, is advisable. The Moscatel's sweet richness is equally delicious and we think that both make a great addition to the table at any festive meal. This is exactly the reason they’re in December’s wine club so I hope you agree and enjoy them as much I will this Christmas.


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