....then we'll go to Portugal

Whilst the purpose of the trip to Portugal was to source some new Ports, there was always going to be the opportunity to try a lot of table wines from the region also. This was something Alan and Mary approached with trepidation as they had experienced the inconsistency of Portuguese wines in the past and did not necessarily hope to find much they would wish to bring back.

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They had however read some good things in recent reviews and the open-minded approach they adopted paid off. What they discovered was a massive improvement in the quality and consistency of these wines. A selection have been chosen from a number of wineries that will find their way into the Weavers range, if not already, then certainly in the new year.

I’ve gone with the Portal’s range for the wine club selection as I think they best represent the nature of Portugal’s new wine-making direction. Pedro’s wine-making philosophy is about getting the best out of the grape varieties local to the Douro, the reason this is exciting is two-fold: 1) it means the flavours are unique to this region and 2) they’re reasonably new to the English market as traditionally it is mainly Port that we have shipped in from here. The resulting wines are uniquely delicious, so enjoy!


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