Domaine Gonon MAcon Rouge Bussières

I’m always happy to admit mistakes and, when I came to look at the list of wines I’ve sent out to you in previous wine club selections, I realised my focus on new and exciting things has prevented me from including a red Burgundy at all.

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It didn’t take me long to decide on Jean-François Gonon’s Mâcon-Bussières Gamay because it offers something a bit different and it has always been a favourite of mine. His approach to wine-making, maintaining tradition without shying away from new techniques, is just what you need when over-seeing the production of wine within one of France’s oldest wine-making regions.

The point of difference between this red Burgundy and others is that it uses Gamay rather then Pinot Noir as the predominant varietal. This is why there is a definite Beaujolais feel to this wine.    


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