La Vedette Sauvignon Blanc

The Vin de Pays makes such a vast quantity of wine that selecting the right one can be full of pitfalls. It can of course be incredibly rewarding as the vast yields mean the prices can be very reasonable. The other potential characteristic of bulk wine is that it can be of poor quality, and this is where my problems as a wine buyer begin. Finding the diamond in the rough can be very painstaking and so when I find one I like I stick to it.



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We’ve been stocking the La Vedette range for some time and hopefully you will realise why when you try it. The freshness, combined with the fact it has maintained the character of the varietal, is paramount to sourcing good wine from the south of France. I think this Sauvignon does exactly this and I hope you agree.         

Sauvignon Blanc

Whilst not the most versatile grape variety, Sauvignon can produce varying flavours depending on the climate. In cooler climates it is green and herbaceous, in warm climates it can be full of tropical fruit. It is a blended with Semillon in Bordeaux to make the pudding wine Sauternes, where its acidity brings balance to one of the world’s most sort after sweet wines.



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