Another Gem from Kate Radburnd

My adoration for the wines of Hawke’s Bay based winery C. J. Pask is no secret, but it really helps things when the wine maker herself is so affable and available. Kate Radburnd (pictured below) comes to see us about once a year to talk wine and generally spend a bit of time getting to know our customers. If any of you have come along to the evenings that I’ve organised with her in the past, you will no doubt agree that she combines an expert knowledge with an approachable friendly persona that makes you want to like the wine before you’ve even taken a sip.

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Fortunately, it just so happens that the wines themselves are absolutely delicious, and in keeping with theme for this case I’ve decided to include her Viognier. One of the rising stars of the wine world I’m seeing more and more people asking for this grape variety as an alternative to Chardonnay or Sauvignon.

I can almost feel Kate blushing from New Zealand but it’s important that I also add that above her skills as a wine-maker she is also highly regarded for her commitment to the wine industry of her adopted country (she is actually from Australia). She is chairperson of Sustainable Wine-Growing New Zealand  and director of the Winegrower’s association. If you get the chance to join us next time she’s in town I seriously urge you to take the chance to meet this highly skilled, committed, and friendly lady.

Kate and Pask

The C J Pask Winery was founded in 1985 by Chris Pask and his daughter Tessa McKay. In 1991 Kate Radburnd was appointed as Winemaker, to complement the growth of the winery with her talent and affinity for Hawke's Bay winemaking.


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