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Approachability - the Hallmark of the Central Valley

This wine makes an obvious comparison to the Anubis on the previous page. Chardonnay makes many different styles of wine and these two are interesting not because they are very different but because of the similarities. The Pato Torrente, as is the case with most of the wines of the Central Valley, is soft and approachable.

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    • Origin
    • Chile
    • Central Valley
    A pure unoaked Chardonnay from Chile. A medium-bodied wine with aromas of citrus fruit, caramel and hints of florality. Read More
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In order to obtain these clean and straightforward flavours the wine is not oak aged and is left to be quite a pure expression of the fruit. This is also true of the Anubis but higher quality grapes are used, hence the difference in price-tag. What we’re looking for when we buy in wines like the Anubis is more depth of flavour. This makes the more versatile and also more food friendly. Wine should be enjoyed however you want though and I’m not going to try and tell anyone that they should be drinking wines in a certain way. Personally though I’m a fan of Pato Torrente when I’m relaxing and just feel like something refreshing.


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