The Future of Australian Wine in the UK?

Tamar Ridge Wines was established in 1994 by Czech immigrant Josef Chromy, who had built a successful meat processing business in Tasmania. Joe realised that to be successful in viticulture, he needed to concentrate on quality production. He engaged the services of world-renowned Australian viticulturist Dr Richard Smart who remains involved in the current and future expansion of Tamar Ridge.


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Tamar Ridge built its reputation in its home state of Tasmania where it enjoys a very strong following in the many fine restaurants and cafes. From this base, demand from the Australian mainland states has seen distribution spread, with international demand now seeing Tamar Ridge wines being sold around the world. The cool climate enjoyed at the Tamar Ridge Winery helps the wines maintain their pure fruit expression. This is a great example of why we must not write off the Australians attempts to grow the sales of their premium wines in this country. This kind of variation should be applauded and I’m all for helping by getting people to try them.


Pinot Gris

This is the same grape and vine as Pinot Grigio however the name used is often influenced by the producer’s winemaking background. Therefore a wine labeled Pinot Grigio is likely to taste very different to a Pinot Gris.As suggested by the Pinot name the grape variety is believed to be a mutation of Pinot Noir, originally in Burgundy


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