Welcome Back Susanna Balbo

Those of you that have been members of the Wine Club for a while, or for that matter are regular visitors to shop, may remember the Zohar wines made by Susanna Balbo. I’m a massive fan of them and I got some great feedback so when the opportunity came for me to try some other wines by her I jumped at the chance. Once again, her wine-making skill seriously impressed me and I couldn’t resist ordering them in for wine club members.  


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Susanna has extensive experience making wine but it is the eclectic nature of her art that I think stands out in this month’s inclusions. What sets her apart from other Argentine wine-makers is the fact that she has honed her talents by visiting other countries to make wine, something not often done. She has shared her ability in nearly all of the major win


Good Old Chardonnay

There is hardly a region in the world where Chardonnay is not planted. In the 1990s Chardonnay almost became a brand in its own right with New World producers actively marketing their wines under the grape name. Chardonnay is regarded as the perfect grape variety because it is easy to grow in most climates and also makes good-quality wine.


Good Old Cabernet Sauvignon

Planted almost universally this is the famous tough-skinned small red grape that gives tannin and body to the wines of Bordeaux. With the number of areas that grow Cabernet Sauvignon the result is a mix of styles, these range from ripe full bodied berry fruit wines to more herbal and greener styles.


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