Villa Wolf, Back by Popular Demand

I had such great feedback from the Villa Wolf Pinot Gris that we put into your cases at the beginning of the year that I made a bee line for their stand at the trade fair. Chris has championed them ever since he visited the winery last year and the latest vintages are tasting fantastic too. I already had it in mind to do the Guntrum Gewürztraminer and the Villa Wolf seemed to be a perfect match for comparison. I think this is easily as good as the Pinot Gris.


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I don’t want to repeat what Chris wrote at the start of the year but the J. L. Wolf winery is situated in the Pfalz and the conditions are suited to more powerful and flavoursome wines than most German styles. Comparing it with the Guntrum, and experiencing the similarities and differences, is an interesting experiment.


An often underrated variety, Gewürztraminer is capable of producing some of the most highly perfumed white wines. Grown in many areas of the wine-making world, it is thought to have its origins in Italy. On the palate, Gewürztraminer leaves spicy notes which are most delightful.


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