Damp, Foggy Climate: Just Right for Albarinõ

Situated in the North West of Spain, the wine growing region of Rías Baixas’ climate is dictated by its position on the Atlantic coast. It might not sound like the most appealing conditions to grow grapes for wine production, but the wet winters and foggy atmosphere are an aid to the grape for which this region is renowned.

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About four fifths of the wine produced here is white and this is nearly always predominantly made from Albariño (see right). Locals have been known to claim it’s a mutation of Riesling but there is some question over this given that there is evidence of it being made before Riesling (as far back as the 12th Century). Spanish whites can be great when they’re done right but I know some people have written it off because of bad experiences. I would definitely suggest buying it from a wine merchant you trust, to avoid disappointment, luckily, I know just the chap (insert joke at my expense)!


This is a very distinctive white grape that is grown in the Spanish region of Galicia. The wines it produced are typically aromatic and peach flavoured. It thrives in the damp conditions of this part of Spain.


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