As you’ve worked out by now I like to compare and contrast, so here it goes: try this next to the Rioja and you will find some similarities but also some differences. The red fruit berry fruit is there, as is a touch of oak, but personally I find the Rioja has more of that vanilla character that I love from Spanish wine.

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The Marius is more fruit driven however and does come in at a cheaper price. Which do you prefer? Do they both justify the price tag? Will you pay more for that oaky complexity? Interesting questions that lie behind choosing your favourite of the two.

In terms of the area in which it is produced, the Denomination of Origen Almansa (see below) lies about 100 kilometres inland from Valencia and Alicante, east of Albacete. It is an area of 10,000 hectares and the vineyards lie 700 metres above sea level. The soil is basically calcareous, while the climate is extremely continental with cold winters and hot summers.


 Regarded as Spain's answer to Cabernet Sauvignon, it is widely planted and the important the backbone to many wines.


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