'New' Techniques in the 'Old World'

One of the reasons for the upturn in sales that the French are experiencing is the ever-increasing quality of the wines being produced in the South of the Country. This, perhaps ironically, is due to the adoption of modern techniques learnt from some of the ‘New World’ countries. This is a region which has had to move with the times.

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As the decline in their traditional wine market occurred, the wine makers have had to rapidly improve their production methods.The fruits of their labours are now being harvested. Better grape varieties were planted and tighter quality controls means that the wines are much better made, more concentrated and approachable. The Rivesaltais vineyards are situated in the sunniest region of southern France, running from the foothills of the Corbieres down to the Mediterranean sea, just north of Perpignan.

Côtes du Roussillon

Traditionally made entirely made from the astringent Carignan grape, these vines are slowly being pulled up to be replaced by other grape varieties. The ‘Côtes du Roussillon’ only achieved appellation status in 1977. The inhabitants of this area of Southern France are in fact Catalan rather then French

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