Pinot Grigio with a Twist

I had to include a Pinot Grigio in this month’s case because it is one of the main reasons for Italy’s continued success in the UK market (see page 7). I’ve always been happy with the wines from Vetriano so they were my first port of call when I was looking for some Italian inspiration.

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My desire to make sure there is always something new and exciting about the wine club led me to a wine that had only a small amount of Pinot Grigio in it, interesting because it so often makes up the majority of blends it is included in. Compared with Pinot Grigio, Garganega is hardly heard of at all but can quite often be blended with the more famous grape variety without receiving any credit on the label. When made properly it can produce wines of great citrus character and I think with this wine it really brings something a bit extra and balances well with the more neutral flavour of the Pinot.


Famed for its inclusion in the wine of Soave in north-east Italy. It is vigorous and productive but when produced at a smaller yield it produces wine with a delicate lemon flavour and almond background. 


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