Soft and Approachable Claret

Best to start an ‘Old World’ case with a Claret given that it is one of the most famous names in wine and producer of some of the classic traditional styles. On the right bank of the Dordogne sits St-Emilion which is famed for its variation despite nearly almost being made from Cabernet Franc and Merlot (they do grow a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon but this only makes up a small proportion of a few wines). Read More

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The label I've included in this month’s case is from Puisseguin which is a satellite region of St Emilion that sits just to the North-East of the main appellation. It offers something a little different being much softer and showing very little of the austerity that can define some wines from this part of France.The main reason for this is that, like many of the wines of made in Puisseguin, it is 100% Merlot. This makes for an approachable wine that will drink younger than most Claret. It also means that it might be at its best with food (as I’ve suggested with the colour coding) but don’t rule it out as one to be drunk on its own, which is in itself quite unusual for Bordeaux.

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