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The Growing Quality of Southern French Wine

You’ll know from previous cases that I’m a big fan of the crisp, fresh offerings from the South of France.The fact that they’re made from grapes indigenous to the area makes them unique. The adoption of modern wine-making techniques that has meant they can be produced to a large scale, which keeps the price down.

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    • Origin
    • France
    • Gascony
    Classic white wine from Gascony. Crisp fruit flavours that are both citrussy and tropical. Combines an intense flavour with fantastic drinkability, gr... Read More
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Usually I hark on about the Plaimont Co-opertive as a shining example of this style of wine but I wanted to show you that it's not just them that are achieving great things.Those of you who enjoy a drop of Armagnac will have heard of Château du Tariquet before and the grapes usually reserved for brandy production bring great crispness to the table wines. It used to be quite hard to control this acidity, hence the brandy production, but by embracing technology the vilification of these wines is now producing fantastically versatile wine.


Nowhere in the world has inspired more praise, imitation and confusion than the wine-growing region of Bordeaux. To some it is sacrosanct, to others impenetrable, but all must acknowledge its fundamental importance

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